Australia national flag

australia national flag

The stars represent two different things. The Flag of Australia The large one to the left is known as the commonwealth star or federation star. It originally was a 6. The Australian National Flag. The current national flag of Australia has evolved from its origins in a flag design competition held after the establishment of the. The flag of Australia is a defaced Blue Ensign: a blue field with the Union Jack in the canton . The Australian National Flag may be used for commercial or advertising purposes without formal permission as long as the flag is used in a dignified  ‎ Crux · ‎ Commonwealth Star · ‎ List of Australian flags · ‎ Blue Ensign.


Australian Flag - National Flag of Australia australia national flag The Australian Flag should never be flown half mast at night. The first such attempt was the National Colonial Flag created in — by Captains John Nicholson and John Bingle. State and Territory Flags Each of the six states of Australia has its own Official State Flag consisting of a Blue Ensign defaced with the badge or heraldic device of the state concerned; the heraldic devices are those represented in the Commonwealth Arms. Inthe Commonwealth of Australia was formed. The design had a mixed reception and caused some controversy king gamed the time, on aesthetic grounds as much as its Anglophile nature. The flag is a banner of the Australian Coat of Arms with a badge consisting of the Commonwealth Star upon which is the Queen's Royal badge showing her initial surmounted by a crown and surrounded by a garland of roses and wattle.