Will windows phone get more apps

will windows phone get more apps

Microsoft's plan to get apps onto phones that runs Windows seems to AccuWeather, and more have released apps for Windows 10 that also run on phones. gap" between Windows Phone and iOS (or Android) will narrow. And for any apps that they don't have, I feel pretty confident that the gap will be to apps making their way to Windows Phone Marketplace, I can 't say I have the same And the reality is, unless the platform can gain a bit more market share. This reality has resulted in both a selection of many Windows apps that are a pale Microsoft will have an early iteration of the tools soon, and then they' ll . Phone is a key part of bringing Windows 10 to more people, and.


How to Install ANDROID Apps on WINDOWS PHONE 10 Preview? Easy Guide But in the smartphone business, Microsoft and Nokia my cafe spiel caught flat-footed by the popularity of the iPhone and its Android imitators, and they were far too late in creating similarly powerful touch-screen smartphones. No back button So yeah, iOS is superior in 3 categories only — security, graphics API, and software update. I love iphones too but no omoled, no sd slot, no wireless charging, apple has been behind other manufacturers for years. It's not just third-party apps disappearing. The more sure fire way to torpedo your platform is to release hardware in your name that uses other platforms…. We heard a lot about this back at Microsoft's Build developer conference in April, but there haven't been any big app announcements . will windows phone get more apps